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Text.Tl is intended as a tool for programmers and writers to store, share, organize, annotate, analyze and discuss text documents and source code. New features intended to appeal to both writers and programmers are forthcoming.

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What's the difference between a 'text' and an 'article'?

A 'text' refers to source code or plain text files where original formatting is important and an 'article' is for formatted documents, like blog posts, essays, html and Markdown documents, among other kinds of documents.

Can I post links, images or HTML?

Yes! If you select the article form, you can post Markdown and/or HTML, including images and hyperlinks. If you are familiar with Markdown, you can use the full Markdown syntax, including images and tables.

What HTML tags are allowed in Article posts?

Allowed HTML tags are: a, b, blockquote, br, cite, code, div, dd, dl, dt, em, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, i, img, li, ol, p, pre, q, small, span, strike, strong, sub, sup, u, ul and all MathML tags. ASCIIMath backtick delimiters must be escaped (e.g.: \`2 + 2 = 4\`). All other tags, CSS and JavaScript will be stripped out.

Do you support posting complex math equations in LaTeX, ASCIIMath or MathML?

Yes! If you select the article form, and check the box 'Contains LaTeX math, MathML or AsciiMath', your math will be nicely formatted. NOTE: When using ASCIIMath, you must escape backticks like so: \`2 + 2 =4\`

How do I set up alerts for new posts that match keywords of my choosing?

Go to Google Alerts and enter this in the search box: mysearchterm. For example, if you wanted a Google Alert for all posts in that contained the word Java, you would enter: java

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